Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Neville by Norton Juster

Do you ever find those books that make you a believer? I started reading this book, figuring I wouldn't like it. I dunno why: boys yelling, some kid named Neville,...doesn't make sense but I was wrong. I loved it. I laughed on almost every page, I couldn't turn the pages fast enough, and I was completely drawn in by the storyline. Swallowed.

Neville is the story of a boy who just moved to a new neighborhood. He has no friends. His mother forces him out to go find some. That is just what he does: hunts for friends. Calls for one actually. Pretty soon, kids show up and help him hunt. Kind of like a snowball rolling down a hill and picking up snow, this story picks up kid-hunting energy throughout. No spoiler alert here, you just have to read this book to learn the ending. It is a winner of a story, simple, engaging, and totally realistic. As a dear literacy leader I know of says to her students, happy reading. I know you will want to find this one.

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