Monday, September 3, 2012

A Path of Stars by Anne Sibley O'Brien

This beautiful story of a grandmother, a granddaughter, and the lives we live together and apart is such a keeper. I read this book this morning early, right after my morning writing time. Now, a half hour later, I keep turning to the book sitting beside me, its beautiful cover seeming to call me. I felt transported in this book, entering the lives  of two people whom I don't know but totally could. This Remarkable.

Dara's grandmother, Lok Yeah, is a refugee from Cambodia. Lok Yeah loves to tell stories to her granddaughter, and Dara loves to listen to them. Lok Yeah tells of gorgeous moments, of flowers and fruit, of growing up with her brother like Dara is with her own brother. Sometimes Lok Yeah tells the painful story of war in Cambodia, of loss, of how she and her brother survived, toting Dara's mother along in the war-torn fields and forests. When the grandmother receives word that her brother has died, she is devastated. It takes the miracles only a wise child brings to recenter her dear grandmother as she grieves.

I feel so fortunate to keep finding these books. This one, like so many, keep informing my life, my questions, my foundations.

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