Friday, October 18, 2013

The Blessing Cup by Patricia Polacco

The divine Ms. Polacco has graced us with not one but TWO new books this fall. The Blessing Cup is a companion to her brilliant book, The Keeping Quilt, and is not to be missed. But then you wouldn't consider missing something written by Patricia Polacco, would you?

Polacco is definitely one of my favorite children's authors. She tells stories that capture a giant range of audiences from such an authentic, rooted home. She seems to invite us into her life with her stories, and The Blessing Cup fits that to a t. Through a simple cup, she leads us through her ancestor's trials and celebrations all the way to her own love and loss as an adult. She starts the story focusing on her young grandmother's life in Russia where her family was brutalized and bullied by the soldiers. Ordered by the czar to leave, they depart Russia, only to face further atrocities and losses in their new home in . But in each of her writings, hope reigns, and this book holds true to that vein. The blessing cup literally holds the blessings found in the gifts laid out by her invested relatives and kind friends.

Complimented by her expert ways of inviting us into her life stories, I often feel like I know her better because of her smart risks in her writing. This story offers that to us again; I look forward to finding the audience with which to share this lovely offering from Polacco.

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