Friday, November 8, 2013

September Roses by Jeanette Winter

You know those books you stumble across as you aimlessly peruse the rows at the library? This is one of those. I had no idea that Jeanette Winter, author of most amazing The Librarian of Basra among a dozen other brilliant titles, wrote a book about 9/11. You didn't, either? Huh.

September Roses is the author's tribute to that terrifying, grief-filled time in the U.S. A New Yorker, she saw the billows of smoke over the Empire State building as she looked out her window. Days later, during her trek to Union Square to join the community in their anguish, she discovered a replica of the towers in roses. This is their story: how the roses arrived, who brought them, and how they impacted Jeanette.

This is a beautiful story, simple and so very complex, heartbreaking and so filled with hope. I can imagine this joining a collection of picture books that center on both the destruction of the World Trade Center towers as well possibly of other world losses that also speak in ways only picture books can about the humanity alive within each of us. But as a stand- alone, this book brings a reader peace during a time of great turmoil.

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