Friday, April 11, 2014

Grandfather Gandhi by Arun Gandhi and Bethany Hegedus

I don't often see books as perfect. True, picture books move me more often than chapter or YA texts, but perfect? Not so fast. This one however might make the list.

Grandfather Gandhi, co- authored by one of Gandhi's grandchildren Arun Gandhi and children's book author Bethany Hegedus, offers readers a window into the common struggles discovered within anger and humanity, child to adult. The illustrator, Evan Turk, offers pictures that are nothing short of magnificent. My including them here don't come remotely close to offering you a chance to see what you will see when you hold the book in your hands. His work is gorgeous.

Young Arun visits his grandfather at his India. Trying his best to fit in, he adjusts his ways and lets go of his great loves like practicing his John Wayne swagger and playing sheriff. While playing soccer with friends, he is pushed down and erupts in anger. Disturbed by his reaction, he races to the only person he can think of: Grandfather. We readers are guided through a young boy figuring out who he is and how he can live in the shadow or beside his beloved and endearing grandfather.

You will want to share this book. You will want to study the images. You will want to lean into this book....a whole big gigantic bunch. Grandfather Gandhi. Brilliant.

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