Friday, May 23, 2014

The Edge of The Water by Elizabeth George

Looking for a little light/ not-so-light YA mystery? Eager to add a reading experience with a selkie to your collection? This second in a series captures alure and intrigue, all for readers to engage and tussle with.

The story picks up where it left off with Becca still sort of hiding out on Whidbey Island, Derric being her heartthrob, and a decent group of both supporters and flimseys all circling around the two. They are kinda outcasts, Becca and Derric: Becca landed on the island because her mother dumped her there hoping she would hang out with some friend who had in fact died, and Derric had been adopted from Rwanda. Becca has some keen friends though who don't seem too bothered by her "aud box," how she deflects the inner speakings of those around her. The twist of who they are together continues throughout the book.

Life heats up from the start as some marine biologist shows up on the island hoping to get up-close footage of a jet-black sea lion. The mystery ensues from there: what is this non-shedding sea creature? Who can get close to her? What makes Annie tick? Who is protecting whom on the island? How long can Becca live in a treehouse? And what will Seth's grandfather do if he finds out? These questions and so many more....all waiting for you in The Edge of the Water. 

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