Saturday, June 20, 2015

This Is My Rock by David Lucas

This Is My Rock--one of my new fave read-alouds! I wish I had had the chance to read this to my kindergarten students and unpack it. I think they would have loved it.

Lucas is a prolific author and wrote The Robot and The Bluebird among other favorites. This new text offers a sweet entrance into cause and effect. A mountain goat claims a rock to be his, sending all other comers away. Later he realizes the loss accompanying such action and has to make a large decision about what to do next. This is a very spacious book, with few words and bold illustrations. There are many entrance points and perspectives. I love how the book flows, smooth and steady. Lucas is a master writer, making the few words he chooses to use count with every breath. He dedicated the book to his recently-deceased brother; check out Lucas' April entry on his blog to learn more:

As a child, I played King of the Mountain and never liked it. Maybe Lucas' book can help me understand why.

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