Saturday, December 12, 2015

little tree by Loren Long

Loren Long, fabulous author of beloved Otis the Tractor books among others. His writing is almost lyrical, simple yet bold, attention- getting and mind-wrestling. Little tree does exactly that.
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Little tree starts his life just like other trees nearby, growing and enjoying sharing its branches with squirrels and birds. But when it comes time to lose its leaves in autumn, the tree clings tighter, afraid to let go. Through several seasons, it hangs onto those precious objects, noticing the difference between its branches and those of other young trees. But fear keeps winning, causing it to hug the branches and leaves tightly. Until one day, one fall, when it decides to let go.
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I can imagine this book as a terrific read aloud, filled with loads of conversational possibilities, in the classroom and at home. Lovely text and beautiful illustrations offer us a chance to explore again the concept of truly becoming who we are.

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