Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Where I Belong by Tara White

Tara White offers us a just-right story in Where I Belong. Adoption, coming of age, and cultural history all dovetail in this rich story. The main character Carrie enters a huge learning time, stumbling on the fact that she was adopted early in her life. Surprise #1! Surprise #2 occurs when she finds this cute guy whom she somehow believes she knows. Surprise #3 comes when she takes off to meet her father, her birth family, and the Mohawk Indian life that her family has lived for generations. There are other surprises but I don't want to tell you all of the book. 

I loved reading this book because it is the most accurate YA coming of age novel I have read in terms of adoption and the soul-searching and question-asking that comes in that territory. I have to say I got pretty frustrated with Carrie’s parents but I have a solid feeling that is what the author intended. Great writing, solid story line, and rich cultural history: this book is a great read.

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