Sunday, March 6, 2016

Some Kind of Courage by Dan Gemeinhart

I love Gemeinhart's writings. I loved his first book The Honest Truth and reviewed it earlier. And Some Kind of Courage resonated just as much within me although for totally different reasons.

Set long ago in the Pacific Northwest when Europeans were settling here, teen-ish Joseph lives alone. His father recently dead and mother and sister long since passed, Joseph shoved off on some brutish neighbor shortly before his father died, he lives for his horse Sarah. Then the brutish boneheaded neighbor sells the horse. And there the story really starts: Joseph searches for Sarah, and come hell or high water, he will find her. He knows who has her, and he will not be stopped. He travels far and wide, and although he starts his journey alone, he ends it with a world of knowing and community, just like The Honest Truth. Gemeinhart's first novel was set up on Mt Rainier; this novel is set somewhere nearby and yet so long ago. I was surprised by the storyline but not by the way the author builds deep human beings for characters. Another lovely book for reading!

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