Saturday, March 5, 2011

Im Exploding Now

So i just finished reading this really great book called I'm Exploding Now by Sid Hite. I found it extremely funny with a sort of different sense of humor, but in a very good way. It kept me laughing throughout the book. The whole story is told through journal entries, so it was all through his voice. I thought that was very neat.

So this is a book about sixteen-year-old Max Whooten who is living in New York, which in his opinion is full of boxes. He lives in the Whooten Box with his mother, father, his sister, and his cat Crappy. Crappy's real name is Mozart, but Max calls him Crappy because he poops all over the house. His life is pretty boring. It's summer, his best friend Leila, who he wishes was his girlfriend, has gone away to see cows (the actual animal) in Europe, while is other friend Trevor is still recovering from going crazy after getting a tattoo on his chest that said, "I Love God". His Sister Corey is out actually living a life, has a job, and a boyfriend, two things Max wishes he had, a job and a girlfriend. His dad is a struggling actor, and the only jobs he can ever get is headache commercials or lower.
Quote from book:

"There's one thing I'd like to do almost as much as the deed, and that is figure out how Crappy poops under the couch in the living room. It's only three inches off the floor, and yet he somehow manages to crap under there at least once a week. How he does it, is a family mystery. No one has ever caught him in the act.
I've been thinking about this a lot. My guess is that Crappy craps on the floor behind the couch, then goes away and let's it dry, then returns later and shoves the turd underneath with a paw. It's the only logical explanation."

But when Crappy all of a sudden is found dead by his litter box that he never used, Max is sent to Woodstock to lay Crappy at rest. Max decides that he would much rather stay in Woodstock for a while with his aunt then go back to the weird life in the Whooten box. His family is making it pretty clear that it would be just fine for him to stay there for a while as well, so Max stays.
While he's there, he meets a young artist named Zinny. They become friends, and in the end, Max has learned a lot about himself.

I definitely recommend this book. I thought it was very good.


  1. I think I have to read this one... especially when I heard how loud you were laughing!

  2. Well, I still have it, so you can read it.

  3. Great review, VERY well written and the book sounds fabulous. we will ck it out. thanks

  4. Thanks! Yeah you should, it's really good!

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  6. I might have to borrow this... I could use a funny book right about now. What are you reading now?