Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Most Excellent Year

My Most Excellent Year by Steven Kluger was a book that I knew was going to be good from the moment I saw it. I thought that Kluger was very good at capturing the reader's attention by having it from three different points of view. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

After T.C's mother died, not many were able to help him through it. But one was: Augie. Augie was the only one who seemed to understand. He said the right things at the right moments and didn't try to sugar coat things with sorry. And even though he was only six years old, he knew that Augie would be a big part of his life, so he declared him his brother. And they were truly brothers, living at each other's houses, and calling each other's parents their own.
Now it is their freshman year of high school. T.C has found that he has fallen for Ale', a new student and person to their town. Ale` seems to have fallen for T.C as well, but she is afraid to because of her family structure. That's not the only thing she hasn't opened up to though. Augie has discovered that she has amazing talent as a Broadway star and is determined to show her. Ale`'s stardom future isn't the only thing on his mind. Even though it is obvious to everyone else, Augie hasn't fully realized that he loves Andy Wexler.
And in the middle of all this, there is Hucky. A six year old who is living at an orphanage and is obsessed with Mary Poppins. T.C makes it his mission to give Hucky the life that he has longed for in this charming novel about three friends.

I really enjoyed this book, and I think that you will too.

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