Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I have always loved reading Sarah Dessen's books. In fact, she is my favorite author. So when she released a new book I was stoked. I loved it. It made my top two for her books, and probably all the books I have read for young adult books. As usual, it was very well written and kept me hanging on. I thought that she went deeper with this character, and really told her story. The character development was huge. I really, really enjoyed this story.

After McLean's parents divorced two years ago, nothing has been the same. Her mom cheated on her dad with the man he had idolized for so many years. McLean's mother seems to be living the perfect life and married to a football coach, but McLean doesn't want anything to do with her. That is proving hard, do to the fact that her mom keeps trying to contact her while she travels around with her father, helping change restaurants and get them back on the road. McLean wants to forget her past, which is why everywhere her and her father go, she changes her name and who she is. From the super popular girl to the drama geek, but none of them were the real McLean. Until she comes to the fifth town in two years. For some reason, the energy here is making it hard for McLean to be anyone but herself. She doesn't know who that person even is anymore. But the people in this new place are helping her find out. From the minute she meets Dave, she knows that he's real and that she has to be too. As her time continues, many help McLean to grow back in to the old self that she was, and McLean starts realizing that that's where she truly belongs.

I really loved this book. I hope that you will enjoy it just as much as me. You should also check out some of her other books:
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