Wednesday, July 27, 2011


When my cousins came to visit earlier this summer, we took a trip too Powells and stocked up on books for the summer. One of my cousins, Amelia, purchased a book called Matched by Ally Condie. I had read the inside cover and thought that it sounded extremely interesting. I found that it reminded me a lot of the Uglies series but that it was also very different. So anyway, once we got home all of us went straight to reading, totally absorbed in our books. After what had seemed like a very short time but was really more like two hours, we all came back to the world to discuss our books. Amelia was the one to say the least about her book, saying that we had to read it to find out, which of course made me want to read it even more, i also noticed that she was already half way through so it must have been very good.

A month or so passed after they left and i couldn't stop thinking about Matched. So when my mom and i walked to Powells, i knew that i had to buy it. And it was amazing! It was very well written and totally captavaited me. I could not put it down. now I understood how Amelia had gotton half way through in a sitting. It was not what i had expected and that was a good thing.

In the world that Cassia lives in, the officials decide everything. Where you work, who you love and even when you die. Cassie has been dreaming of the day when she would turn seventeen so that she could be matched ever since she was a little girl. And now it is finally happening. She knows that this is going to be the best night of her life, not only because she can wear a pretty dress instead of her regular plain clothes and eat the most Delicious calorie loaded food apposed to the vitamin flavorless food she usually eats, but also because this is the night when she finds out who she loves, who she will spend the rest of her life with and build a family. So then when she finds out that she is matched with her best friend Xander, everything seems to be perfect. I mean, what are the odds of getting matched with someone you know, none the less, your best friend? Pretty much 0 to 1. Even though Cassie knows Xander better then anyone, she still wants to find out what the Officials thought she should know about him and puts the little chip in to the port. But what she sees will change her future forever. Another face shows up. Ky Markham. The mysterious boy who came from the outer provinces and seems to somehow know so much more. Cassie will have to decide, does she follow her heart? Or do whats right?

I loved this book, and would recommend it to anyone. Even if you dont like Sci-Fi books, this is a love story that will keep you anxiously reading.

Crossed the second book is comming out on November 1st! So if you read Matched and love it, then you can pre-order Crossed now!

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