Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod

Do you like books about half-vampire, half-human kids with some humor? If so, then The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod by Heather Brewer are your perfect book. The image above shows all five books (which you should read) but I will be writing this on the first book: Eight Grade Bites
I thought it was not only very funny, but had a really good plot that kept you wondering and guessing. It was very well written as well.

Vlad is an outcast. And not just because he's half vampire, only Henry knows that. But mostly because he's unusually pale, very scrawny, has the same things for lunch each day (it's hard to find foods that easily hide blood), and has exactly one friend. Besides being the social outcast, his parents happen to also have been mysteriously murdered three years ago. Vlad has been living with his Aunt Nelly, who is a very loving guardian and would do anything for him. Yes, Vlad's life is quiet odd and out of the ordinary, but things haven't even gotten weird yet.
Vlad's favorite teacher goes missing and no one seems to have any idea where he went. A new teacher, Mr.Otis, comes to take his place. But the creepy thing is that he seems to have an odd interest in Vlad. Mr.Otis's first assignment is mythology. They must draw a name from a hat and do a presentation on that mythical creature. Vlad draws Werewolf. But then, the letters change to become Vampire. how did this happen? Vlad can't give a presentation on what it's like to be a vampire! That could give away everything! As the year progresses, Vlad finds that Mr.Otis seems to be trying to reveal Vlad's true identity. Is Mr.Otis good? Did he possibly kill Vlad's parents?

I thought this book was very good and had just the right amount of everything. Even if you don't like vampires, I still recommend it because Vlad is very much human besides the levitating and the blood drinking.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I love me a good Vampire book! And this one sounds perfect.