Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Imagine a Place

I am sure you have all come across Imagine a Night with paintings by Rob Gonsalves and words by Sarah L. Thomson. One of my top 100 books of all time, a fave to use with kids and adults, absolutely awesome to use in exploring mental images in my teaching, and an all-time fave to simply dream into, Imagine a Night offers readers a chance to journey into the lands of possibility in a whole new way.  Gonsalves, the artist who creates the pieces first, simply awes me. His use of magic realism simply unseats me, making me totally slow down and live into his work and ideas. I liked Imagine a Day, but LOVE Imagine a Place.

Here are some sample pieces:
 "imagine a place...
...where words shelter you,
ideas uphold you, and
thoughts lead you to the secret
inside the labyrinth."

And this:
imagine a place...
...where the sigh of surf
and the whisper of waves
spill from your suitcase
and drift into your dreams."

And those two are not even close to my favorites in the book. This text is stunning. Gonsalves' work is stunning. And readers reading their work are offered a rare opportunity to enter an imagination that inspires, nurtures, and inquires. Imagine a Place indeed....

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