Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Unstoppable by Tim Green

Just finished reading this engaging sports story. I really enjoyed how Green, a former NFL player, captured me within his words and storyline. While I may be a sucker for a good sports story, I have grown a little tentative when I pick up books in that genre. I mean, like with other books, I don't want to waste time getting into the story. I want to grow engulfed right away, not 50 pages in. Seems that a number of sports stories are doing that now-- at least to me. Unstoppable was an attention grabber from the start.

Harrison is a young teen who life has mistreated. His parents disappeared early in his life, and his experience with one foster family left quite the set of scars on his spirit and body. One thing that keeps him centered in the midst of all upheavals is football. His life changes massively when he switches foster homes to live with Coach and Jennifer. Pretty standard fare here with the amazing way they are ready to be parents, and all is well as Harrison finds his way to accept the love and care they offer, even when said dream is indeed upended by a major life illness. Author Green chose the title purposefully, and it certainly works to represent the spirit and dedication of humans when we come together in support of each other and in the spirit of experiencing life. 

I enjoyed the escape this book provided me: I read it for fun and got just that. I can imagine young teens, male and female-- middle school for sure since Harrison is 13 in the book-- who love reading sports books to really appreciate the story line and writing style. I just reserved a few more books from Green. I am eager to see if the others are as solid for me as Unstoppable was.

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