Friday, February 1, 2013

Miracle by Elizabeth Scott

If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you have likely noted that I like to read young adult lit with rather grim story lines. This one by Elizabeth Scott enters that category but in a unique way that caught me and wouldn't let me go.

Megan survives a plane crash. Being the only one who walked away from that awful experience, folks call her "a miracle." But she doesn't feel like a miracle; rather she feels like she should have died too. And the ghosts of those who died keep coming around and talking to her. Burdened with her fear and anger, she grows more and more isolated and loses trust for most everyone. But she starts realizing that the boy next door doesn't seem afraid of her teeming emotions, and better yet, he even seems to understand. He shows up at all hours of the night, much like Megan does, either out in the middle of town or on some country road albeit the dark of night, being out in it himself. And then there's the solitary adult who figures out what is going on and who patiently waits for Megan to be ready to settle a bit.

As a teen, I kept searching for folks like this, but I never allowed myself to settle and let them in. I appreciated the gentle grace that Scott brings to Miracle, allowing me as a reader to fall into a character's life in the way she does. Powerful writing, gritty and raw. And worth staying in the discomfort the character is experiencing.

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