Friday, January 31, 2014


         Hi, this is Alysa. I know I haven't written anything in more than a year which I am very sorry and sad about. Life is busy and all I really do is homework. I hope that writing on the blog becomes once again, a frequent weekly (or at least once every few weeks) thing for me.
         In Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell uniquely weaves the tale of a young girl learning, like most, who she is and how exactly she fits into the world. Through reading this book, I was able to get an insightful new view on the world of fan fiction and developed a large amount of respect for striving fanfic writers who are pouring their heart and soul into pieces of work that mean more than anyone could ever imagine them to.
         Cath is a twin. In her relationship with her twin Wren, they have always been a team, they have always done everything together, they have always been each other's support system. As the first few days of college begin, Cath receives the startling realization that perhaps Wren no longer views them as a team and the concept of, you don't get one you get both. The outward view that Wren is the pretty one, the social one, and Cath is the quiet one, the shy one who has a slightly odd obsession with the Simon Snow book series becomes more than a misguided idea to Cath. Even Wren is treating Cath's love and devotion for writing fanfic about Simon Snow on her widely popular blog as joke and childish. Cath is used to other people seeing her fanfic as different but not Wren. Simon Snow was there for Cath and Wren when they needed it most- after their mother dramatically left their father (on The September 11th) never to be seen or heard from again.
         Cath must juggle the strange new life college has in store for her while trying to keep up with her fanfic writing, help her father who has been mentally unstable since her mother disappeared, deal with her mother suddenly wanting to contact her, experience these blooming (crazy and amazing) feelings she has for her roommates (possible) boyfriend, and most importantly: find out who she is without the protective blanket of Simon Snow.

         I highly recommend this book. I found it to be very well written and also observed the impressive character development that occurred within every person. I am currently reading Rowell's other book, Eleanor and Park because I cannot get enough of her writing.

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