Friday, February 7, 2014

Bluffton: My Summer with Buster by Matt Phelan

Graphic novels, like any other writing, read like an art form to me. Phelan brings a remarkable clarity in message and picture in this new novel. Here he uses his wit and expertise to capture the story of small-town boy Henry who finds himself engaged by a vaudeville group who spend the summer entertaining and amazing the townspeople and Henry. Can he learn to fly and flop like Buster (who actually is Buster Keaton)? Or will he learn more about what is going on in Buster's life that proves a little different truth than Henry originally believed?

Phelan names it again here in Bluffton. I loved this book for its deep simplicity, its colorful starkness, and a storyline believable and alive. All from more than 100 years ago. Beautiful.

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