Sunday, March 8, 2015

BirdWingFeather by Siri Schillios

Looking for a wordless picture book on perspective? Searching for a unique way to look at details in the natural world? Eager to explore how centering in on mental snapshots changes view and knowing? BirdWingFeather might be a great tool for you.

Author Siri Schillios offers a sweet entrance into zeroing in on birds in particular to enhance viewing and support exploring pictures/illustrations and potentially the natural world in a very unique way. Each spread of her book offers both an illustration of a whole bird and up-close photographic images from within the same illustration. That is a really awkward of trying to say what the clip above shows. 

A truly beautiful offering, BirdWingFeather encouraged me to slow down and to notice details while studying birds. Honestly the only time I look at talons is on carcasses of roadkill and dead birds I find while exploring. What might I notice if I studied more than colors on a bird? Enjoyable, simple, complex, BirdWingFeather made me stop and pay attention--and I appreciate that.

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