Friday, July 3, 2015

Float by Daniel Miyares

Miyares wrote the picture book Pardon Me! awhile back, an enjoyable little book that includes a swamp, a fox, a parrot, not in that order and not what you think might happen happens. Come on--it's a picture book! Float just happened to land in my hands at the library last week (okay, I will tell the truth: I ordered it!). Ahh, what a perfect way to start summer vacation!

Float is a wordless picture book focusing on one rainy day in the life of a youngster in a yellow slicker, yellow rain hat, and yellow rain boots. Someone important helped a youngster make a paper boat, and the youngster protects that boat with their life...that is until they get to water. The youngster sets the boat into the water and watches it float away. They try to follow it until they no longer can. No boat. What happens next?

Read Float to find out.

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