Friday, July 31, 2015

Lake Monsters and Amelia Earhart: Graphic Novels!

Graphic novels continue to work their way onto my radar for quality literature. Here are two new ones that I loved.

A Sam and Friends Mystery: Book Two: Lake Monster Mix-Up by Mary Labatt and Jo Rioux

Persnickety, pesky pup Sam is always looking for mysteries to solve. Human friend Jennie can talk with Sam, and together they make a good team. On a trip to a lake house with Jennie’s friend Beth, Sam discovers a hidden opening in a bedroom wall. With Jennie and Beth’s help, they discover a secret compartment and a journal from long ago. Following the guidance listed in the journal, Beth, Sam, and Jennie enjoy a splendid and exciting vacation, solving mysteries that include lake monsters and buried treasure!  Accessible, engaging, and fun to read, I really enjoyed Lake Monster Mix-Up.

Amelia Earhart: This Broad Ocean by Sarah Stewart Taylor and Ben Towle

Set in Newfoundland in 1928, Grace gathers news through houndish techniques that some people disdain. However her practice leads her to learn tons more about this new female who wants to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Through her investigating, Grace learns the trials of trying to fly planes as a female, some of the mathematics involved with flying, and the excitement of women trying to accomplish things that had never been accomplished before. This novel offers sweet history about Amelia Earhart and the late '20's while also weaving a story I had never heard about some of the competition between women so eager to break through the limits placed on them by society in the U.S. An enthralling read, I whizzed through this text and wanted to go fly.

Enjoy those graphic novels!!

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