Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Edge of the Shadows by Elizabeth George

The third in a series, The Edge of the Shadows offers us one more sweet chance to lean into George's fabulous storyweaving. In this story, Becca still fears her father and a surprise show-up, a totally effective baseline and tension builder in the series. But the more prominent and public issue has to do with fire.

Becca and her usual cast of friends are turning their eyes toward college possibilities and life after high school when a new set of twins show up. Isis and Aidan are lively characters: Aidan has just been released from some special school in Utah, and Isis is his Big-Brother eyes, watching his every move. Aidan obviously has big problems, and he jumpstarts Becca's worry repeatedly. Isis is the sweet and talkative, if not a little manic, bff to whomever she can glom onto--for much of this story, that's Hayley. Then the fires start....the first one is small and inconsequential, the second one bigger but still small enough. The third fire destroys property and someone dies. But who is setting the fires? Is it Aidan who just happened to come from an educational setting where he learned to stop setting fires destructively? Is it the new fiddle player who has some serious hots for Hayley in kind of a worrisome way? Who is it?

George leads us well in this book. I am hoping for another in the saga. I really do want to believe someday Becca finds her way, but will she?

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