Monday, October 24, 2011

Little Blog on the Prairie

Little Blog on the Prairie by Cathleen Davitt Bell was a book that is hard to describe in words. I thought that it was such a unique story. Even though I had heard of the Pioneer recreation camps, I had never really given them much thought. Even though the main character Gen spends most of the book not enjoying living on Camp Frontier, it made me want go experience what it was like living back in the 1800's (more accurately 1890's or so.) It was a wonderfully written book and has become one of my favorites. I will definitely be adding this book to my book case. 

Genevieve has always been a city girl. She had a nice relaxing summer in mind before she started her freshman year of high school. But her mom seems to have other plans and signs her whole family up for Camp Frontier, a reenactment of life in 1890. Yay! Not. What would be fun about living on some farm for the summer? Nothing. The only thing keeping Gen from running away is the fact that she gets a phone at the end of the summer. Then, she hatches a plan. Why not just bring the phone with her? Stealing (well not really stealing, it would be hers anyway so...) the phone and taking it with her might be risky, but at least she could keep in contact with her friends right? 

Life on Camp Frontier seems to be just as Gen suspected. Terrible. There's an outhouse. Gross. And she is forced to share a bed with her brother. Even worse. Not to mention the snotty farm girl Nora that lives there. And then, a miracle happens. Two actually. She has three bars, which means she can text her friends! And second, there is a totally cute southern boy here with his family named Caleb. But will Nora ruin both the good things about the farm?
Gen finds herself constantly secretly texting her friends about the horrible life she is having. When her friends turn her text messages in to a blog, Gen may have to realize whats really important and see what was right in front of her the whole time. 

Week 2- Tuesday
7:45 pm
Ron had told us that every family would be given a cow the second week of camp, but I’d totally forgotten all about it until this morning. Gavin and I were pulling up potatoes in the kitchen garden, and suddenly there was Nora, leading a cow by a rope. She looked like she’d marched right out of a Mother Goose book, with her cap and her braid and her boots and her long dress that she wore like it wasn’t driving her crazy the way mine was.

-Page 85

 Have you added this to your book case yet?

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