Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Big Wish by Carolyn Conahan

I so enjoy simple, almost realistic, easy-to-create-mind-pictures-in picture books, and The Big Wish meets that criteria to a T. It is a great read.

Molly has a yard full of dandelions, and she is protecting it with a vengeance. She has a giant vision for all of those dandelions, and The Guinness Book of World Records folks will be involved soon. While neighbors seek to cut and control the weeds, but Molly sees this field of yellow with a completely different lens. She sees wishes being wished for on a massive scale. As she attempts to create a world record of wish making, she cares for the dandelions and invites wishes from all her townspeople. She struggles with what is the actual biggest wish to wish for, a plausible challenge for anyone who allow themselves such moments. The ending of the book closes in true picture book fashion, confirming both dreams and the human race eloquently.

This book would be a terrific read aloud for a class of young readers seeking a mentor text for dreaming, a family who hopes to explore what is possible, and adults who flat out want to enjoy a sweet picture book.

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