Sunday, December 18, 2011

Zero by Kathryn Otoshi

I had heard alot about this book called Zero. I have had students in my classes recently who love Otoshi's work, I saw a preview of One at a literacy conference I attended in November, but to get the book in my hands took a little more work. Finally, I came across Zero at the library; I knew I had to read it. Otoshi wrote Zero in 2010, so this isn't a brand- new book. But it is fab, fab, fabulous. As I read it, I kept envisioning my nephews reading it and falling over in guffaws of the truthful challenge numbers can experience.

Zero is the story of a number zero finding validity in their being. I mean zero equals nothing, right? After a while, after some serious questioning by said character, Zero starts to consider her options. Like how to find value in what she has to offer. After a number of blunders with the other numbers, she finally finds her stride, discovers the magical opening that all zeros have: place value. As I think about the term place value, I find the word "place" a perfect descriptor. In this case, place means finding one's way, and in this book, Zero does just that!!

A stellar read, easy to enter and consider for all you number lovers out there: this book will make you smile at the possibility of openings in "place" values!!

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