Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sleepaway Girls

I have always enjoyed books about summer camps and Sleepaway Girls by Jen Calonita was a perfect read for that. After reading it I actually searched for camps in Oregon that were looking for camp counselor this coming summer. I thought that Sleepaway Girls was the perfect book to curl up with on a cold day and drink hot chocolate. It was very well written and had a good plot. 

15 year old Sam doesn't want to spend the summer watching her best friend Mal with her new boy friend. Way to sappy, especially because Sam has never really had a real boyfriend. She decides to sign up to be a CIT (counselor in training) at Whispering Pines, a sleepaway summer camp. Sam finds that she gets more then she bargained for when she becomes the immediate enemy of Ashley, the CIT who stars in all of the Pines commercials and happens to be the owners daughter. It's not Sam's fault that she was in that silly Dial and Dash commercial for her moms company that happened to play twice during the Super Bowl. She hadn't even wanted to do that! But on the bright side, she found a group of super nice girls to hang out with all summer. They decide to call themselves the "sleepaway girls". And don't forget the adorable "peeps" as the camp likes to call the youngest campers of them all who Sam is in charge of with her Counselor Alexis. Sam also seems to be attracting the attention of a very attractive counselor Hunter. But dating counselors is strictly forbidden. And then there's Cole, another CIT who is very comfortable to be around.... 
Will Sam have the perfect summer she was hoping for? Full of new friendship, romance and life lessons? Read Sleepaway Girls to find out!

I loved this book! I liked how there were so many things that the main character learned about herself during the book. I also liked reading about the different activities and the kids at the camp. I think that being a camp Counselor sounds like a really fun job and it builds responsibility. It was the perfect read to escape into another world. I strongly recommend this book.


  1. is or will there be a sequel or companion novel to this book?????

  2. I wish!! But I don't think so. That is a really good idea though....Maybe Jen Calonita will consider another.