Friday, February 28, 2014

Please Bring Balloons by Lindsay Ward

Looking for a whimsical, lighthearted read with a carousel polar bear and a carousel-riding girl? This is a sweet text, dreamy and believable with fantastic illustrations.

Emma discovers a note on the polar bear one day as she got on to ride. Taking the note seriously, she brings the request: one balloon. More notes emerge, more mystery ensues, and more excitement erupts. Included in the exploration are falling snowflakes, a long trek on a polar bear, and cold weather. This book was sheer fun to read, and I can imagine a group of young people getting quite enthralled with writing their own discover-what-happens-story drafting off the wise storyline of this one. Ward writes and illustrates a sweet text here in Please Bring Balloons, one worth seeking out.  I look forward to reading her other book, When Blue Met Egg. 

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