Sunday, November 13, 2011

Secrets of Truth and Beauty

I loved this book. I thought it had the perfect combo of everything. I also really liked how the main character was accepting who she was for the majority of the book. Secrets of Truth and Beauty by Megan Frazer was very well written and made me very sad when it was over. I felt like i was a character in the book as well and was meeting all the other characters. The emotions of the main character were channeled very well throughout the story. If you want the perfect read, this is your book.

After a disaster power point presentation trying to prove that outer beauty doesn't matter and neither does her beauty pageant past, Dara Cohen is suspended from school to think about the points she made in her presentation. Dara begins to think about the sister that she found out she had a few years ago. Her parents strongly believe that Dara should never meet her sister Rachel and that forgetting she ever existed is the best choice, but Dara knows that this can't be true. Yes, her mom is a pretty cruel person who often tells her that she isn't pretty, that she needs to lose weight, and thinks back to when Dara was in shape, but how could her sister be that bad? Dara decides that she needs to meet Rachel. Life at home is crumbling fast and Dara needs someone to turn to. After doing some research she finds that her sister is living on a goat farm in Massachusetts. As she spends the remainder of the school year and rest of the summer with her sister, she begins to learn more and more not only about Rachel, but about herself. With the help of all of those at Jezebel farm, Dara begins to see the beauty she has within and without. There will be many new struggles, but unlike before, she has someone to help her through them.

I loved this book. I am definitely adding it to my book case to read over and over again. I really just thought this was a treat to read and hope you will too.

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