Wednesday, November 9, 2011

just one thing by Rick Hanson

This is one of my early- morning reads right now. I read one entry a day and then write a little bit, hoping to set my intentions in a way that opens me to others and what is possible in the world. While I have one other book that I ALWAYS read in the morning, this has been a great addition for me. I read one entry a day.

What I appreciate about Hanson's work is how simply he breaks down a piece of possibility. The book has 52 chapters. I know he writes a weekly newsletter, so I wonder if these are his fave pieces from that newsletter but I don't know. I can imagine slowing down to read one a week, rereading the chapter frequently through the week to invite change into your life. I like reading one entry a day but it feels a tad overwhelming. I can imagine myself actually going back and rereading it, one entry a week. I can see that being potentially more powerful.

It's funny: I thought I could write alot about this book, but it is such a small process, smaller than I originally thought, a small entrance that he writes about that I find it hard to tell you more. It is worth picking up and see what you think if you are looking for a new daily- or weekly--reflective read.


  1. I checked it out on Amazon & think I'll put it on my IPad. It looks wonderful & is just enough to read each morning to start the day so beautifully. Thanks for telling about it!

  2. Perfect!! I hope it brings you the centering you seek!!