Wednesday, November 23, 2011


If you read Harmonic Feedback by Tara Kelly (if not, you should), then you will adore her second book Amplified. This book caries true emotion. I felt everything the character Jasmine felt. I thought that this was a very unique story yet completely possible. Amplified is amazingly written and has great character development as well as depth. 

Jasmine must figure out how to survive now. After getting kicked out by her dad for not wanting to go to college, Jasmine has to find a way to further her music career and more importantly find a place to live...even if that means trying to convince three guys and one awesome girl Veta that she is an amazing guitar player who is perfect for their band C-Side. Jasmine discovers that being in a band is a LOT harder than she thought it would be. There is also the fact that she lied to them about having performed live before. The only thing that is keeping her in the band is Veta who has faith in her, and Sean who may be a possible boyfriend...

Will Jasmine be able to really face what's bothering her and holding her back? Or will she break under the pressure?

I LOVED this book and it is already sitting in my book case. This book was just released so hurry fast to get it before they are all gone!

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