Wednesday, November 30, 2011


A few weeks ago I posted about Ally Condie's book Matched. Well, this is the second one! And as much as i absolutely loved the first book, I thought the second was even better! Crossed is completely packed with action and adventure. It's also told from both Cassia's and Ky's point of view-which was really cool because you finally get to see what Ky has been thinking and feeling this whole time. 

Cassia has to find Ky. She knows that he is somewhere in the outer provinces thanks to her sort. Leaving Xander will be hard, but Ky is her true love even if Xander is her match. A miracle seems to come when herself and a few others are transported to the outer provinces and lucky for her Ky was at the camp too according to a young boy. But he isn't there now. With the help of a new friend Indie, they will have to make the long trek through the carving to find Ky while talk of a rising is on the horizon. 

After running from the camp he was at with Vick and Eli, two other aberrations,during a firing, he must make his way to the carving to get back to Cassia. Parts of his past haunt him as he travels and he begins to remember all the pieces of the last rising and how his father was possibly the Pilot, the leader of it all. But he doesn't want any part of the rising. Ky doesn't trust the rising or the society. He is looking for the farmers who have been living on the land for centuries. Will he somehow make it there and find Cassia? 

I loved this book and actually pre-ordered it. It definitely recommend this book and it's one you want to have in your bookcase to come back too. Are you headed to the book store yet?

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